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Parents Handbook Guide – What to Expect

  • Once the players are on the field, parents must understand the coaches are in charge. When on the field let the coaches coach the players. Parents yelling instructions to their sons (even when it is well intended) only causes confusion and is distracting to what they are doing on the field.   Cheer and root for the players, however let the coaches coach.
  • Dugouts are for players and coaches only.  The Manager or an assistant coach will seek you out if there is a need.  Again, the aim is to minimize distractions for the players and allow the players to focus on the game.


  • When you or your son have an issue regarding your son’s playing time, the position he is playing, or other matters - I encourage your son to talk to me directly first.   If it is a playing time issue after a game - the 24 hour Rule applies.  When you have an issue during a game regarding your son’s playing time, etc., please wait till the next day to contact me and I will be happy to discuss.  Again however, I would encourage the player to come to myself first. 

Playing Time, Position in the Field, Batting order

We bat a 9 player batting lineup.  In regards to substitutions, High School Rules apply. The substitution rule reads as such: a substitute can go in for a starter and assumes that position in the batting order.  The starter can return to the game only for the player that substituted for him and in the batting order position they started in.  The substitute can then not re-enter the game once he has left the game.Playing time, position, and position in the batting order will be based on performance and ability.  With 11 players on the team there will always be two players not in the lineup during the course of a game. We will have every inning players and players that share time.  I will put the team in the best position to win each and every game.  This can lead to unhappiness for a player and/or their parents if they feel they are not getting the playing time they desire. It is important for those players not playing the entire game to realize all team members are valuable and to make the most of their opportunity to compete and play on a travel team. For some players at this middle school level playing on athletic teams, this age may mean a transition from playing time being given to playing time being earned.  It is also a fact of life that some may be more gifted than others athletically, but every player is important to the team.

The season is long with league games and tournaments packed into a very short period of time (2 ½ months).   This is something for your son to be mentally prepared for and understand that opportunities exist throughout the season and to keep working hard.


  • Practice is mandatory.  Obviously, it is understood there may be times your son is unable to make practice due to illness, an appointment you cannot reschedule, etc.  If coming to practice becomes a problem it will be brought to your attention and playing time will be affected.  Your son not attending practice not only hinders your son’s ability to improve, but negatively affects the team.

Arrival Time for Games

  • Please make every attempt to make the arrival listed for games to provide the team the opportunity to prepare for the game. I do understand that things may come up.  Please notify me as soon as you are able when you will be arriving materially late. 

Team Communication

  • I will notify changes to the schedule (practice and games) through TeamSnap (email and text when needed). 
  • Please use the availability feature in TeamSnap.  I will be making the lineup for games based on whether you say your son is available.

Player Conduct

  • Players must treat each other, their coaches, opposing teams, and umpires with respect.
  • Players must stay in the dugout area and are not to be sitting with parents or others outside of the dugout.
  • Players must conduct themselves in a proper manner, even in emotional situations.


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